How To Get Rid Of A Fever


Although getting a fever is never fun, it is the only way our body knows how to fight infections. Fevers can range in temperatures, depending on how hard the natural defense of the body is working. If the infection is getting worse, the body will speed up it’s defending operation which will cause the body to get warmer, and the body can only get so warm. There are ways to help your body remain in a cool temperature while the fever runs its course.

1. Lighten the burden. You may think that sweating your fever out is the best thing to do to cure it but its the opposite of what you want to be doing. Instead of putting on a bunch of sweaters and getting under 3 blankets, strip down to the bare minimum and only put a sheet on you to have your body cool itself out. You may start getting the chills and want to go back down under the blanket feeling weak and defeated but don’t, at least let your body get a couple of minutes to cool down before covering up again with a blanket. Try to minimize the amount of time you spend under a blanket, and instead use a sheet instead.

2. Prepare A Hot Bath Having a fever may cause you to feel very warm and sweaty but you shouldn’t take a cold shower no matter what. You need to gradually decrease your temperature in order for your body not to be in shock.

The best way to decrease your temperature or reduce a fever is to prepare a warm bath and sit in it. Its better to take a bath and not a shower so your body gets a chance to relax therefore reducing your fever and making you feel better.

3. Let In Some Fresh Air What your body needs more than anything is fresh air. That is the best remedy for getting rid of a fever. Your body is full of pores, and when you have a fever you will need all the fresh air you can get to reduce the heat from the fever.

Your body will absorb cool air from all the pores that are exposed which should be as much as you can bare to take off. Open all the windows and try to sit in the direct stream of air.

4. Drink Plenty Of Water Your body is 70% water, and when you are producing heat at a high rate, your body is going to start reaching high temperatures without anything slowing the rise.

Water works as a cooling agent from the inside out, where your pores will start to release all the heat at a fast pace with each water cup you drink. Maintain a glass an hour until your fever is completely gone, but until then drinking water and using the bathroom is the best thing for your body.

5. Sleep It Off Lay in bed after taking a bath and drinking water, close your eyes, and sleep it off.


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  1. I took my temperature and it is 100.4 All night I have been shivering and cooled..then I grab more blankets and then i’m hot. and my body just aches, like touching my skin hurts. How to get rid of fever?

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