Types Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of conscious awareness. When a person is very relaxed and is very open to suggestion, this is when hypnosis is possible. We think in pictures, so when a person is in a relaxed state getting them to think in pictures will help them visualize the state they want to be in.

Therapeutic hypnosis
Therapeutic hypnosis could also be called, ‘corrective’ therapy. This state of hypnosis is often used to change an unwanted or unhealthy habit such as; biting your nails, smoking, over eating, and grinding your teeth. It is also successful in getting someone to let go of phobias or fears and getting them to a level where they can adapt to situations easier.

Anchoring is the hypnosis technique used to help someone remember. This method can be as easy as having one squeeze their fingers together when preparing to speak in public. The squeeze relates to them letting go of their fear of speaking in front of people. Anchoring connects the mind with the body to obtain a certain behavior or emotion.

Submodality modification
Submodality modification is a hypnosis technique to change the way a person thinks or feels about an event or situation. For example, it helps one to be calm instead of scared, to modify a response with some sort of trigger such as deep breathing when feeling fear to calm yourself.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a technology that measures and arranges how and why we behave to situations. This hypnosis strategy is to help us understand how and why we have developed a certain behavior towards different settings. It will then help one to change that programming we’ve adapted to create a new method or change one to a more desired behavior.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Emotional Freedom Technique is a very powerful tool in helping one deal with physical or emotional issues. This hypnosis technique uses two ancient methods; acupuncture and kinesiology. The patient stays awake during this procedure and is not placed in any sort of trance. They confirm that they have an issue and accept themselves even though it exists. It basically gets the person to accept themselves as they are.

Timeline therapy
Timeline is a fantastic hypnosis tool that allows us to visualize our incidents in terms of time. Looking at feelings that are negative; anger, sadness, fear or guilt and trying to remember when we started to feel them. Traveling back in time and try to find the reasons these emotions became part of who we are and try to learn from them how they started. Once we determine how the emotions became a part of us, we travel ahead in time and try to see the person we could be without them. Once a person has the hope of becoming a better person and can see themselves as a better person, they can easier leave behind the old emotions. There is slight trance applied with this therapy.

Therapeutic imagery
We think in pictures. If a person tells you to think of a dog, chances are if you have a family pet this is the image that will appear in your head. If they say think of your home, your house will appear in your mind. When a person is in a slight trance state and you have them start to picture the situation or situations causing them stress, they can then start to work through it and find a solution to resolve what has been bothering them. This is a very powerful hypnosis tool and it safely allows a person to look at the problem they are dealing with.

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