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A Wake County mental health group owners says she’s pennyless even yet her group perceived scarcely 3 million dollars in taxation payer supports given 2014.

Lisa Stacey owns Family Legacy Mental Health Services and usually sealed a agency’s doors. After months of perplexing to get her to answer my questions about a agency’s financial problems, she finally sat down with me for an talk in her dull offices.

“I have positively no income during this point,” Stacey said.

“I attempted to do all we did for a right reason and not usually for a seductiveness of a consumers though for my employees, though we apparently have finished mistakes and take shortcoming for each bit of it,” she added.

We initial told we about Family Legacy Mental Health Services in July. Employees pronounced they had no place to spin after not receiving a paycheck for months.

Click here for information for what to do if you’re carrying difficulty removing paid


After my initial story, movement was taken by Alliance Behavioral Healthcare.

Alliance Behavioral Healthcare is a managed caring organization, or MCO, that is reserved to conduct open mental health services in Durham, Wake, Cumberland, and Johnston counties.

One of a agencies they manage is Family Legacy.

According to Doug Fuller during Alliance, they imposed a mention cessation for complete in-home and village support group services opposite Family Legacy. This means Family Legacy can’t take on new clients.

Alliance also imposed a devise of improvement and gave Family Legacy a notice of overpayment in a volume of $46,836.80, clarification Family Legacy now contingency lapse that money.

Fuller pronounced this movement was formed on commentary identified during an onsite review conducted as a outcome of a series of complaints opposite a agency.

Actions were taken formed on commentary that provider services do not accommodate mandate in rules, regulations, state policies, and clinical coverage policies especially in a areas of staffing, timeliness of documentation, and billing for activities not lonesome by a use clarification as billable activities.

Fuller also pronounced Family Legacy perceived $1,753,340 in Medicaid payments in FY14 and $1,190,902.51 in FY15.

That is $2,944,242.51 given 2014 in usually Medicaid payments alone.

The large question, since did Family Legacy continue to get Medicaid dollars with these worker compensate problems?

Fuller says labor issues between a engaged provider and a employees are not theme to slip by Alliance.


With many Family Legacy employees revelation us they haven’t perceived paychecks given March, they wish to know what Stacey did with all a money.

“So when you’re articulate about we finished millions of dollars and we haven’t been paid, that’s a problem,” Family Legacy worker Monica Daye said. “This is a community’s taxation profitable dollars, where is a income going?”

“Meanwhile, a clients, they are pang since they come here for mental health (care), and they are not removing that.”

Daye showed us a several paychecks she’s been given by Family Legacy. Yet, they all have blank created on them.

“Hard working, dedicated people. Sometimes people didn’t even have income to put gas in their cars to see their clients,” Daye said.

One of those tough operative employees who did not quit notwithstanding not removing paid is Nadia Paloma.

Paloma claims she’s due some-more than $20,000 in behind compensate from Family Legacy. Paloma is a provisionally protected therapist who is legally blind, and can't drive.

She took a train to work each day. Paloma says she was a usually bilingual worker left during a group in a final months. She adds each time a therapist would renounce due to miss of pay, there were about 15-20 consumers left but outpatient therapy service.

“I’m committed to portion them, and we come each day, we take a open train and we come to assistance them,” Paloma said. “This is my usually job, my usually income, and I’m looking for a best seductiveness of a consumer.”

Something she will no longer be means to do, now that a group is closed. Paloma is now looking for a job.

“It’s unsatisfactory and heartbreaking,” she said.


Owner of Family Legacy, Lisa Stacey says a income is left as it went to operational costs and payroll.

“This is a business emanate and not a mental health issue,” Stacey said.

She admits that she still owes some-more than $50,000 in behind payroll to employees. She blames a financial problems on a past employee, who was convicted of embezzling income from a agency.

“Before it was all pronounced and done, we were several hundred thousand dollars in debt and we have spent this volume of time perplexing to puncture out from that,” Stacey said.

The North Carolina Department of Labor pronounced there are 17 open salary remuneration complains opposite Family Legacy.

Besides payroll problems, a review unclosed a problem with a agency’s taxes. According to justice records, she owes $290,648 in behind state and sovereign taxes. However, Stacey told us they’ve worked out a allotment with a IRS for most less.

As for relocating forward, Stacey pronounced she hopes to yield services in another capacity. But for now, Family Legacy sealed a doors.


If we are carrying difficulty removing paid, we can record a censure with a NC Department of Labor. That phone series is 1-800-625-2267. Here is a salary and hour fact piece from a NCDOL. http://www.nclabor.com/wh/whfacts.htm.

If your employer gives we a check that comes behind as NSF and we are carrying difficulty removing paid, NC does have a Worthless Check Program. Click here to learn about that.

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