Mental Health Awareness Week

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This week is Mental Health Awareness Week during a University of Wyoming.  There are several free, open events scheduled Mon.-Fri. on campus, supposing by UW’s Mental Health Awareness Committee.

“Mental Health Awareness Week programming focuses on: augmenting believe about mental health resources; highlight government skills; and skills for handling predicament situations, such as how to assistance an particular stay protected and get connected with veteran assistance if a chairman is struggling with thoughts of finale his or her life,” according to a University Counseling Center’s Associate Director, Toi Geil.

Here is a finish list of campus events scheduled for Mental Health Awareness week:

Monday, Oct. 5, during 1 p.m. – “Yoga: Balancing a mind/body connection,” in a Wyoming Union Senate Chambers.

Monday Oct. 5, during 2 p.m. – “Mindfulness and Mental Health, ‘Chicken Breathing’ and ‘Lizard Breathing,’” in a Wyoming Union Senate Chambers.

Tuesday, Oct. 6, during 11 a.m. – “When your Frisky is on a Fritz.”  The tie between passionate and mental wellness, in a Wyoming Union Family Room.

Wednesday, Oct. 7, during 11 a.m. – “Woof for Wellness,” a display on use and therapy dogs, with an introduction to dual Laramie therapy dogs.  Held in a Wyoming Union Family Room.

Wednesday, Oct. 7, during noon– “If You Build It, We Will Come: Positive Factors Contributing to Ethnic Minorities Seeking Mental Health Services.”  Lunch will be supposing with this event, hold in a Wyoming Union Family Room.

Thursday, Oct. 8, during noon– “Coping with Stress?” An interactive seminar for staff, faculty, students, and veterans that will concentration on a impact of highlight and strategies to assistance overcome it.  Pizza will be supposing during this eventuality hold in a Wyoming Union Senate Chambers.

Thursday, Oct. 8, during 2 p.m. – “Getting out of Your Own Way,” a contention on transcending perfectionism and other obstacles that might stop college students’ success.  Held in a Wyoming Union Senate Chambers.

Friday, Oct. 9, during 11 a.m. – “Spiritual Wellness-Awakening to life by relaxing a middle spirit,” hold in a Wyoming Union Senate Chambers.

Mental Health Awareness Week any tumble division is mirrored by Body Image Awareness Week in a open semester; both are pub on by a Mental Health Awareness Committee.  More information can be found during a University Counseling Center website.

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