Beauty Vlogger With Rare Condition Totally Slays With A Flawless …

One implausible lady is giving us all a educational in fabulousness. 

Nikki Christou, an 11-year-old from London, has an arteriovenous malformation, or an aberrant tie between a arteries and veins, that has resulted in a facial abnormality.

But Nikki, who’s a outrageous makeup enthusiast, doesn’t let anything or anyone cramp her style. She frequently creates makeup tutorials for her YouTube page and has turn a star, with some-more than 35,000 subscribers. Through a videos, she hopes to uplift others who might also have singular illnesses or conditions. 

“Nikki wants to enthuse anyone with a singular illness and uncover them that beauty lies within,” a preteen’s father, George Christou, told The Huffington Post. “Being opposite should not meant being abandoned or feeling that there is not genuine place for we in this universe and we don’t have certain purpose to play.”

In her videos, a 11-year-old shares looks for opposite occasions like prom, a birthday or only for each day. In further to display viewers opposite looks, she also annals baking tutorials, QAs and several other videos that give we a glance into her life. 

According to one of her videos, Nikki was diagnosed with AVM when she was 6 years old, though had a condition from birth. Her father told HuffPost she has been meddlesome in makeup given that age. She used most of her time home from propagandize to file in on her makeup skills. 

“Due to her medical condition she was home from propagandize a lot so she started looking during her mum’s conform magazines and makeup channels on YouTube,” Christou said. “She used each day on her friends and cousins until she became a expert!”

While Nikki says she does get hurtful comments from people criticizing her appearance, she says that she focuses on a positive. 

“I don’t let them get to me … Focus on a happy things not a unhappy things since if we concentration on a negative, you’re not going to suffer life,” she said. “Just know if we trust in yourself and unequivocally try tough and retard out all a negativity in your life, we will lead a happy life.”

As if being a YouTube star wasn’t adequate of an achievement, a 11-year-old is also a impulse behind a Butterfly AVM Charity, that raises income for AVM research. She’s also helped lift some-more than 55,525.65 British pounds (about $79,876) for a substructure by a crowdfunding campaign. 

To that, we contend “slay girl, slay.” 

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