How To Prevent Arthritis

If you are like most individuals, you would like to stay just as mobile and active in your latter days as you did in your youth. However, with each passing year also comes the nagging threat of developing arthritis. Being obese or living a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle only increases your chances. But according to doctors, there are things you can do today to help lower your chances of developing arthritis. These healthy lifestyle tips will help you stay at your best, for all of your life!

Maintain a Healthy Weight!

People who are overweight are at greater risk of developing arthritis. According to doctors, every pound of weight puts about 4 pounds of extra pressure on the hips and knees, which leads to premature damage of these joints. Doctors state, it’s not just the extra pressure that is a problem, but the fat itself releases chemicals which promotes inflammation and can influence the development of arthritis. If you are a few pounds overweight, it is best to try to shed those pounds now, while your joints are still healthy.


First things first, to help prevent arthritis, as with many ailments, you must begin with a healthy canvas. For the body, this means maintaining proper hydration and nutrition, which includes a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy, unprocessed foods, omega 3 oils from oily fish and avocados etc. and plenty of water to help keep your joints hydrated.

Some turn to supplements such as glucosamine etc., to help maintain their joint health, however, doctors warn, they should be taken in high does and on a regular basis in order to be effective.

Stay Active!

A sedentary lifestyle is not healthy for your joints because it reduces bone density and muscle bulk, which in turn limits the blood supply to the bone. Exercise not only helps keep you supple and toned, but it is also good for the joints because it helps increase blood circulation to the ligaments, muscles and bone. However, done excessively, especially if you have a specific area of pain, exercise can actually increase your chance of developing arthritis later in life. Athletes, especially those who perform specific activities that lead to joint pain afterwards, should also be careful.

According to doctors, a good healthy balance includes 20-30 minutes of low joint-stress activity, a day. Some people prefer Pilates and Yoga because it not only increases suppleness and flexibility, but it also reduces the pain associated with arthritis.

Stay Active at Work!

If your job requires a lot of kneeling and squatting, doctors suggest getting up and walking around in between because prolonged kneeling and squatting has been associated with more arthritis of the joints.


Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints, which is usually followed by stiffness and pain. Arthritis prevention is better than suffering with the crippling pain associated with severe arthritis. Remember, the keys to prevention is to stay active, stay hydrated and maintain a healthy weight.

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