Tougher boundary on shopping cold and influenza drugs to fight 'Breaking Bad' clear meth labs

Customers are to face tough restrictions when shopping over-the-counter cold and influenza medicines from pharmacies in a bid to quell Breaking Bad -style clear meth production labs.

The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) — before a Irish Medicines Board — is to deliver restrictions on a sale of medicines containing pseudoephedrine — a infancy of that are accessible but remedy in pharmacies for a diagnosis of nasal congestions compared with colds and allergic conditions. Popular medicines containing pseudoephedrine embody Sudafed, Nurofen Cold and Flu, and Benylin 4flu.

Following a conference process, a HPRA has announced that medicine packs containing some-more than 720mg of pseudoephedrine will not be accessible but a prescription, and that all pharmacy sales of all medicines containing pseudoephedrine will be singular to one container per transaction.

A orator for a HPRA reliable that a use of pseudoephedrine to make clear meth — a routine done famous in award-winning US TV uncover Breaking Bad — was one of a reasons behind a restrictions.

“Pseudoephedrine is compared with side effects when a endorsed sip and/or generation of diagnosis is exceeded and is also compared with diversion in a make of bootleg drugs such as methamphetamine including clear meth,” a orator said.

“For these reasons, a series of countries control a sale of non-prescription pseudoephedrine by tying a sip and container size. The HPRA has reviewed a supply conditions for non-prescription pseudoephedrine with a applicable selling permission holders for these medicines.”

It pronounced there will be no evident remember of bonds and that it anticipates a measures will be entirely implemented by a finish of 2016.


Confirmation of a restrictions comes dual months after a helper confronting allegations relating to a possession of clear meth was found guilty of 6 depends of veteran bungle by a Nursing Board.

A disciplinary conference found that John Benedict Butalid de Lara, aged 45, of Ballyfermot, systematic Sudafed regulating a names of several colleagues while he cared for aged patients during a Royal Hospital Donnybrook from 2003 until 2014.

The Irish Pharmacy Union had formerly warned opposite creation medicines containing pseudoephedrine accessible usually on prescription.

“The IPU welcomes a fact that a new restrictions concede pseudoephedrine products to sojourn accessible to a open for legitimate functions by village pharmacies. These are safe, useful and effective medicines,” a orator said.

“If pseudoephedrine had turn a prescription-only medicine, this would have resulted in outrageous numbers of people who need remedy for genuine common medical complaints such as cold or sinusitis requiring doctors’ appointments to get a medicine.”

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