RICHARD PAN: Dental Care Should Be a Reality for Our Children



OPINION – Benjamin Franklin pronounced that an unit of impediment is value a bruise of cure, and that doesn’t ring some-more loyal than with dental care.

Tooth spoil is a many common ongoing illness among children in a United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that some-more than 40 percent of children have spoil by a time they strech kindergarten.

The significance of verbal hygiene doesn’t stop during decay, resin disease, and tooth loss.  It can have surpassing impacts on a health as investigate has found that a inflammation from periodontal, or resin illness can put us during a larger risk for diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease.

According to a National Center for Health Statistics, 14% of all children aged 2-8 have untreated tooth decay.  But a numbers are significantly aloft for both African-American children and Hispanic children whose rates are 21% and 19% respectively. African-American children and Hispanic children have double a rate of tooth spoil of white children (10%).

So, what is going on?

More than 5.1 million California children accept dental caring coverage by a Denti-Cal program.  But for scarcely 60% of these children, that coverage is a vicious myth.  They competence as good not be lonesome during all since they are not receiving any form of dental care.

I have been operative tough to repair this damaged complement by exposing a existence that too many Californians on Denti-Cal are incompetent to obtain dental care. In a State Assembly, we chaired a conference on Denti-Cal in Sacramento County where a pediatric dentist described because saying patients as gift cases was easier and reduction costly than usurpation their Denti-Cal. Last December, a California State Auditor reported too few dentists supposed Denti-Cal, few people on Denti-Cal perceived any dental care, and a state did not establish if entrance to dental caring was adequate as compulsory by law.  This year we asked a Little Hoover Commission to investigate how to repair Denti-Cal.

I am stability to reason a state dialect administering a Denti-Cal program, a Department of Health Care Services, accountable and operative to safeguard a state keeps a commitments to patients who count on Denti-Cal for their verbal health.  I wish to safeguard that children in a Sacramento segment are removing a dental caring they need to stay healthy.

For assistance in Sacramento, greatfully call a Sacramento County Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) bureau during (916) 875-7151.  The CHDP Program can work with we to find a dentist and a alloy for your child, report an examination and offer information about other resources that we need to keep your child healthy.

For assistance in West Sacramento, greatfully call a Salud Clinic during (916) 403-2900.  The Salud Clinic offers extensive health caring services including dental care.

Please don’t demur to hit my bureau if we have any questions or need assistance. You can strech my bureau by phone during (916) 651-1529, or by email during [email protected].


By Dr. Richard Pan

State Senator 6th District


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