Opinion separate on efficacy of choice medicines

Our readers and fans drew a conflict lines between personal knowledge and mandatory medicine (Keystone)

Our readers and fans drew a conflict lines between personal knowledge and mandatory medicine


Complementary and choice medicines will be given a same standing as mandatory medicine in Switzerland – a preference that’s caused ardent discuss among a readers and fans on amicable media.

While many argued choice therapies could never be anything some-more than a placebo, others argued their personal knowledge showed interrelated treatments deserved a change in status.

The background

As a outcome of a open opinion in 2009, treatments including homeopathy, holistic medicine, herbal medicine, pain-killer and normal Chinese medicine have been lonesome by simple mandatory word as partial of six-year hearing duration that started in 2012 and was set to run to 2017.

However, they were all mandatory to infer their “efficacy, cost-effectiveness and suitability” by a finish of a trial. In a statement released on Mar 29, a interior process pronounced it was “impossible to yield such explanation for these disciplines in their entirety”. They will so be treated on a customary with other medical disciplines, when it comes to health insurance. 

Twitter reacts

Between Mar 30 and Apr 5, there were 951 tweets or retweets containing a difference ‘homeopathy‘ and ‘Swiss‘, many joining to our news story, and many containing a identical view to this one.

Or this.

And there were copiousness of discussions along these lines.



A smaller organisation of people were endangered about a outcome a pierce would have on animal rights.

But not all of a greeting was negative. There were roughly as many tweets applauding a pierce to cover treatments such as homeopathy, holistic medicine, herbal medicine, pain-killer and normal Chinese medicine on a simple mandatory health insurance.

Reactions formed on experience

Over on a English-language territory of a Facebook page, a news shabby an romantic greeting among a fans, with many selecting to possibly ‘love’ a news or uncover their annoy about it, by clicking on Facebook’s tension emojis, as illustrated below.



 The contention deepened as people common personal practice on Facebook, other amicable media platforms and on a site.

“Good. we know homeopathy works. If it’s down to a tablet effect, that’s excellent with me, too. Because tablet effects have been proven to work a good understanding some-more mostly than supposed ‘chemical medication’. Who is to contend that they don’t work as good (as badly) as they do since of a tablet effect?” (Margret, in English).

“I’ve used homeopathy several times on tiny children, who can't be influenced, and it’s always worked. we also use usually homeopathy for my allergy and it’s most better.” (Claudia, in Italian).

“If it’s down to a tablet effect, that’s excellent with me.”

“I was indeed in CH (Switzerland) with a outrageous sinus infection. we had meds from Canada nonetheless had a terrible greeting to them. My crony (who is a nurse) brought me to a pharmacy where we bought a homeopathic sinus remedy. It worked!! That’s my knowledge with it and we desired it. we also use an all-natural product to assistance me nap spasmodic and it’s fantastic!!” (Barbara, in English).

The news didn’t light such a clever response as in English, nonetheless opinion was also divided on a post on a Chinese amicable network, Wechat, where one commentator said, “My ongoing illness was marinated by normal Chinese medicine. It’s a godsend.” (Username: 蓝调 Blues).

Another commented that a change in process competence lift a altogether customary of normal Chinese medicine. “I review a news and wish that it will lead to tighter controls on Chinese medicine so that some-more people can advantage from good treatment. At a same time, it can forestall bad practitioners from ruining a repute of Chinese medicine. (Username: Paris-鹏).

Freedom to choose

Some commenters reasoned that they were happy for other people to use choice medicines if it worked for them, even nonetheless they remained privately unconvinced of a effectiveness. They upheld a choice that a change in standing will give people.

“I will also note that a LOT of people swear by homeopathy, including many folks that we rarely respect. Many practitioners are unifying and are means to reliably furnish results. This might simply be a duty of a tablet effect, nonetheless I’m unconvinced…I cruise it’s some-more than excellent to use homeopathy if we feel that it works for you. But I’d cruise it impossibly foolish to provide critical conditions with homeopathy alone.” (Erik, in English).

“Freedom of choice – generally where health is endangered is a must! Lucky Swiss….” (Lynne, in English).

No systematic basis

There were also many people responding on a Facebook page and website who were hurt by a preference to embody interrelated therapies alongside customary medicine in terms of word coverage in Switzerland.

“It’s a con! It’s a tablet with a natural/healthy sounding name. If we have headache and take a [homeopathic] tablet and go to bed, and in a morning you’re fine, you’ll contend it’s interjection to homeopathy. In fact it’s quite since we slept well. There’s zero wrong with that, nonetheless to have it lonesome by health word … no way.” (Cinzia, in Italian).

” Their ineffectiveness has been regularly proven over decades.”

“Absolutely scandalous! Literally all systematic investigate on homeopathy came to a outcome that this kind of mystic process of a 18th Century was not some-more fit than any placebo. we am for choice medicine, nonetheless methods that are scientifically approved. The acceptance of homeopathy brings in fact influence to them.” (Katharina, in English).

“The cupboard wants to put choice treatments on a same turn as other disciplines, even nonetheless it can't be proven that they are effective. This plan sugar-coats [the facts], not only since explanation of efficiency is missing, nonetheless since their ineffectiveness has been regularly proven over decades, with few exceptions.” (Lukas, in German).

“So in a show-down between scholarship and democracy, democracy wins…I’m not certain either this is good or bad. To cruise that people were adult in arms about creationism being taught in a few private schools, and nonetheless this passes but a batting of an eyelid!” (Username: Defiant, in English).

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