Mental health advocates go crazy over Bernie Sanders' joke

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Mental health patients and their advocates are ripping Bernie Sanders, observant they take offense during any comparisons between themselves and GOP presidential candidates.

Sanders quipped Sunday night during a Democratic discuss that, if inaugurated president, he was going to deposit a lot of income into mental health, zinging: “And when we watch these Republican debates, we know because we need to deposit in that.”

The throng in Flint, Mich., laughed, and even opposition Hillary Clinton flashed her pearly whites. Others, though, were not laughing.

Twitter user @srayyyyy wrote: “I’m partial of a 18.2% of American adults with mental health problems. Bigotry is not a mental illness.”

Mental health disciple Emily Willingham told Forbes that a comparison “raises their juvenile function to something solemn and critical while concurrently abating a earnest of how we provide — and clearly, also speak about — mental health in this country.”

Advocates demanded an apology.

“When millions of Americans understanding with issues of mental health, it was rarely inapt for Sen. Bernie Sanders to use a genuine incapacity as a fun in final night’s Democratic presidential debate,” pronounced Jay Ruderman, boss of a Ruderman Family Foundation, an disciple for a disabled.

“He should emanate an evident reparation to Americans with mental health disabilities.”

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