Maine blogger criticizes a state's mental health caring system

(NEWS CENTER) — For Brenda Barham, a call came “out of a blue.” 

Barham schooled from her son’s behavioral health box manager of a changes done to Section 17 mental health services. NEWS CENTER reported behind in Mar that a due changes to MaineCare territory 17 would impact those patients who are not diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizo-affective disorder.

Now Barham is holding to a web to atmosphere her disappointment and concern. In a blog titled, “Maine: The Way Mental Health Care Should Not Be,” she asked “When a state’s administration fast rips divided a support complement from their many exposed citizens, who will step adult and be their voice?” 

Throughout a essay Barham breaks down a new due changes saying, “It’s a cut in services—because these changes safeguard only one certain outcome, while formulating an avalanche of disastrous repercussions.” 

The Maine blogger voices her regard for her immature son. She says while he’s still a teenager and will keep his services for now; what happens when he turns 18?

Now, DHHS says these changes are indispensable to safeguard correct diagnosis of patients. They also trust they can start providing improved services to accommodate their evident needs.

Commissioner Mary Mayhew of Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services is assured a changes will urge a whole system.  “The territory 17 process was designed to support people with critical and determined mental illness,” Mayhew said. 

Read a full blog here. 

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