Lost in a storm: some pets reunited, others still missing

As storms raged in Oklahoma Monday, domicile pets, cattle and other animals became mislaid and killed as storms gimlet down on a southern Oklahoma countryside.

One dog showed adult subsequent to Fox 25′s Julie Calhoun as she was reporting. As calls for marker went out over amicable media, one lady saw a cinema and returned to explain a dog.

Not all animals were as lucky.

The same lady pronounced one of her dogs had been killed by drifting debris.

Another male circuitously told Fox 25′s Thabie Sibanda that a series of cattle had been killed in a storm, with no preserve stout adequate to strengthen opposite a aroused winds.

It’s something everybody should ready for, says veterinarian Dr. Gorczyca-Southerland.

She works for a Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and gave tips in a May 5th news release.

“The many critical thing we can tell we is to make certain your dog or cat wears a collar with a name tab and has a microchip,” pronounced staff veterinarian Dr. Gorczyca-Southerland.

Gorczyca-Southerland also suggests holding your pet to your charge preserve or protected place before storms arrive so it’s not new during serious weather.

“Larger dogs should get copiousness of practice, and copiousness of rewards, for going adult and down stairs into shelter. Be certain to use when a continue is dry and balmy instead of watchful until a dog is shaken about a weather,” a dialect wrote in an e-mailed statement.

Other tips a dialect suggests in it’s news release:

Identify your pets with collars that have name tags and/or rabies vaccine tags attached. The name tab should give elementary hit information so puncture crew can get in hold with you.

Microchip all pets. This elementary procession can be finished in any vet’s bureau and will place a tiny microchip only underneath a animal’s skin. Emergency crew will indicate a animal to review a chip and get a owner’s information from a database.

Prepare an puncture pack for your pet. This pack should embody a tiny initial assist kit, a food bowl, a 3-day supply of your pet’s food, water, a gangling collar, a control and a pet’s favorite toy.

Have a initial assist pack for your pet. One of a many common wounds that can start on a pets are injuries to a duke pads from charge debris. Your pack should embody really elementary equipment like antibiotic ointment, string balls, and stretchable bandaging material. Your family veterinarian can assistance we pattern a pack specific to your pets.

Questions and concerns about caring for animals in emergencies might be destined to Dr. Alicia Gorczyca-Southerland during 405-522-6136.

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