Investigators Call for New Rules for Reporting Mental Illness 1 Year After Germanwings Pilot Flew Plane into a …

03/13/2016 AT 11:55 AM EDT

French aeronautic investigators expelled their final news on the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 on Sunday, mostly criticizing regulations concerning “medical confidentiality” that prevented German doctors from stating co-pilot Andreas Lubitz’ suicidal basin to his employers.

One hundred and fourty-four passengers and 6 organisation members died final Mar after a 28-year aged Lubitz intentionally sealed himself in a cockpit alone and crashed a craft into a remote segment of a French Alps. Citizens from 20 opposite countries, including three Americans were on a scheduled Barcelona-Dusseldorf flight.

In a press discussion hold during Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport, BEA’s arch questioner Arnaud Desjardin pronounced Lubitz had begun to uncover symptoms that “could be concordant with a crazy episode” in Dec 2014 yet information was not upheld on to Germanwings. Lubitz reportedly saw dozens of doctors during a tenure of his practice by a Lufthansa-owned airline. In a dual weeks heading adult to a crash, he visited an additional 3 doctors – including one who endorsed his hospitalization for “possible psychosis.” Again, nothing of this information was upheld on to his employers, according to a report.

First among news recommendations is a change in a existent complement (as used in Germany and elsewhere) permitting doctors “to crack medical confidentially and advise authorities if a avowal of personal information would relieve or forestall a vicious and/or approaching risk or a hazard to open safety.”

Speaking during a press conference, BEA Director Remi Jouty stated, “we consider this is a tellurian issue.”

In many countries authorised horizon already exists permitting impending medical information to be disclosed, vital normal doctor/patient confidentiality. In certain countries like Canada, Israel and Norway, a news notes, “it is mandatory for health caring providers to do so, even but a agree of a patient.”

The French news was equally vicious of permitting pilots to “self-declare” their medical conditions, and calls on airlines to hospital “regular and difficult medical checks.” Lubitz, they remarkable had been regulating anti-depressants while drifting and unsuccessful to divulge this information to his superiors.

Running together with a rapist review being destined by prosecutors in Marseilles, a BEA’s 100-page final report contains 11 vital recommendations including one perfectionist airlines henceforth adopt a procedural change, progressing during slightest dual crew in a cockpit during all times.

The news fell short, however, of suggesting any concerning confidence changes to cockpit doors, thatch or onboard procedures. Suggesting anti-terrorism concerns are preeminent, Jouty said, stream systems should be maintained. “The risk of terrorism is always benefaction and a categorical thing is to strengthen a cockpit opposite intensity terrorists.”

Neither Lubitz’ family nor any of his doctors chose to pronounce with investigators, authors of a news noted.

A commemorative use is designed for families in Marseille on Mar 23; The following day – a one year anniversary of a pile-up – families will revisit a removed pile-up site outward Barconnelette.

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