Friends and colleagues lamentation detriment of Collier's heading mental health advocate

By Liz Freeman of a Naples Daily News

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Kathryn Leib-Hunter believed in gripping her bureau doorway open.

Unexpected visitors were greeted like aged friends. No matter how bustling her day — and she juggled a lot — Leib-Hunter had time. She remembered sum of others’ lives no matter how most time had passed.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness in Collier, NAMI, mislaid their longtime executive executive Wednesday during age 54, after a conflict with health issues.

On Friday, a staff during a Sarah Ann Drop-In Center, that Leib-Hunter was ardent about, faced revelation clients about her death.

Additional staff was called in to help, pronounced Eileen Streight, module manager during Sarah Ann, located on Trails Boulevard in North Naples.

Leib-Hunter was unapproachable of a Sarah Ann center. It provides a place for people with determined mental illness to consort and suffer organisation activities. It’s a place where they overcome a siege that mostly accompanies mental illness.

“We will skip her laugh. We will skip her smile,” Streight said. “She would come over and see how everybody was doing. we know that is what we will all skip about her. We only wish to continue her legacy.”

Leib-Hunter had a knack for removing people to work together, pronounced David Schimmel, who late dual years ago as executive executive of a David Lawrence Center.

She was instrumental in putting together a mental health beginning in 2011 that is saved by a Naples Children Education Foundation (NCEF), sponsors of a Naples Winter Wine Festival, he said.

The mental health beginning started with $1.2 million in NCEF extend appropriation and after became a Beautiful Minds module with $4 million in extend appropriation from 2013 to 2015.

When they initial met years ago, Schimmel pronounced his attribute with Leib-Hunter was antagonistic.

“We fast incited that around since we listened to her,” he said.

Whenever an emanate arose between a dual organizations, she knew to call and they could get it resolved quickly. They got together for breakfast 4 or 5 times a year to stay current.

The David Lawrence Center used to run a Sarah Ann core though incited it over to NAMI years ago, he said. She finished it thrive.

“It was a good move,” Schimmel said. “She ran it unequivocally effectively.”

Leib-Hunter connected with people and families confronting mental illness. One of her brothers was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He chose not to take his remedy and died from piece abuse. She non-stop adult about a detriment in a 2014 guest mainstay in a Naples Daily News.

“She unequivocally associated to people. She could describe to their struggles,” Schimmel said. “It was personal for her. It wasn’t a job.”

State Rep. Matt Hudson, R-Naples, worked with Leib-Hunter on mental health issues during a state level.

“She had a extensive passion for operative for those with mental illness,” Hudson said.

One training module that all 900 people in a Collier County Sheriff’s Office take is predicament intervention, where they learn how to correlate with someone who is traffic with mental health issues, pronounced Sheriff Kevin Rambosk.

“Without her leadership, it would not have been done,” Rambosk said.

It has had a poignant impact for deputies removing people with mental illness a caring they need instead of carting them to jail, and it helps officers de-escalate potentially apocalyptic situations. In a end, everybody is safer, Rambosk said.

“We’re going to skip her,” he said.

Maria Jimenez-Lara, executive executive of NCEF, pronounced she was invaluable.

“Kathryn’s work in the village will have a durability impact, she was an disciple for those who could not disciple for themselves,” she said. “I am so unapproachable to have famous and worked with her. Sadly, we have mislaid a champion for children. “

Leib-Hunter leaves behind her husband, Patrick, and twin sons, Forrest and Taylor. Details of wake arrangements were not accessible Friday.

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