Fighting Flu with Food

By Hope Imaka – EM TV Online

Aaah…Flu; a many common and irritating 2t illness that gets a improved of us. When we get a flu, many of us make common mistakes and frequency place ourselves on a highway to recovery.

But fear not, fighting a influenza shall be no con now that we move we these 10 overwhelming flu-fighting foods!

1. Ice Pops

Everybody loves ice pops (more ordinarily famous here in PNG as ice-blocks). Call it however we like, they can ease your throat when it’s sore, swollen, or dry. They also keep we hydrated, that is pivotal when we quarrel a influenza since when we get a flu, gripping your phlegm skinny and easing any overload is a an aim.

Look for ice pops done from 100 per cent fruit extract to make certain we get nutrients and not sugarine water. Or we can make it yourself! Nowadays we can also make your possess solidified extract bars. 


2. Vegetable Juice

Since we might not feel adult to creation and eating a salad while we redeem from a flu, try a potion of low-sodium unfeeling extract instead. You’ll bucket adult on antioxidants that boost a counterclaim system, your body’s counterclaim opposite germs.

To make a good veggie juice, use a extract we can get during a store. Brian Bell sells a famous Magic Bullet for a small underneath K100.

If we crave a honeyed taste, go with 100 per cent fruit juice.


3. Chicken Soup

This isn’t only an aged wives’ tale, duck soup, or duck noodle soup indeed can assistance ease a cold. Grandma was right to bucket we adult with her possess special brew.

The amino poison benefaction in a duck helps skinny out phlegm in a lungs, and a prohibited soup helps to keep your nasal thoroughfare moist, forestall dehydration, and quarrel inflammation in a throat. It helps we get a fluids we need and it’s nourishing, too.

Even some systematic justification shows that it can assistance with healing. Hot duck soup can urge a approach little hair-like tools in a passages of your nose strengthen your physique from germ and viruses.


4. Garlic

If we feel adult to it, garlic can be a good choice to piquancy adult dishes like soup. It appears to have some ability to boost a counterclaim complement and give we slight use from congestion. 

Some people trust eating a clove or dual a day can keep a alloy away. Garlic is an all-around health boosting herb; reduces a risk of heart disease, including heart attacks and strokes; helps normalise your cholesterol and blood pressure; protects opposite cancer, including brain, lung, and prostate cancer; and reduces a risk of osteoarthritis.


5. Onions

Like garlic, onions also enclose a antimicrobial compounds allium and allicin. To get these super-foods full flu-fighting action, health experts recommend consuming a portion of tender onions each few hours.

If that seems unpalatable, supplement additional servings to your meals, like in a French Onion Soup. So beside a boost in physique odour that comes with immoderate a whole store of onions, your influenza will be dealt with in no time.

6. Ginger

It might assistance ease your stomach pain and nausea. Some studies advise it fights inflammation, too. You can supplement it to other foods, possibly creatively grated or as a powder. Another option: Have a splash of prosaic ginger ale, this should assistance we ease we influenza in no time.


7. Hot Tea

Drink green, oolong, and black tea to take in some antioxidants. Breathe in a steam to assistance transparent your bleak nose. Add a spoonful of sugarine and a fist of lemon to ease your bruise throat. If caffeine bothers you, try decaf or herbal versions instead.


8. Banana

Whether we cut it, crush it, or eat it whole, bananas are easy on a stomach. They can be a go-to food if you’ve been strike with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea.

Bananas, along with rice, applesauce, and toast, make adult a BRAT diet — mostly a initial dishes doctors inspire people to try when they’re recuperating from stomach influenza and prepared for plain foods. 

Bananas are high in potassium too, veteran athletes eat one or dual in a morning to get their day started on a high note.

9. Toast

Toast or crackers are available dishes when you’re fighting illness. They span good with duck noodle soup, and their gratifying break can take a corner off craving when your stomach can’t hoop much. 


10. Meal Replacement Drinks


If your ardour hasn’t returned, try one of these to make certain we get a right nutrients and calories. Look for lactose-free drinks that are low in sugarine and have during slightest 6 grams of protein. 

You can find these protein shakes in your nearest pharmacy, try a chocolate essence too!


The subsequent time we have a flu, or if we down with it right now, try these elementary flu-fighting dishes to move we behind to being a happy chappy.


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