Teens and mental health

Isabella Maule, guest columnist
Jun 20, 2016 during 6:14 am | Print View

People today are being diagnosed with basin and stress progressing on. Kids see photos of people slicing and consider that’s how they can shun instead of putting their thoughts on paper or on a dance floor. Adults demeanour down on teenagers who are going by problems. We can’t find a happy middle with this and many expected we never will.

Teenagers today are experiencing problems during a many faster rate. Adults who work in schools or in certain fields with kids see them as “slackers” or “people who don’t care.” Most kids knowledge thoughts and problems that are worse than what many adults have. Divorcing parents, detriment of people due to drugs or suicide, drugs in general, depression, passionate and earthy abuse, and anxiety. Kids get all a blame. If they destroy a large exam though have a lot of things going on during home and had no time to investigate afterwards it’s their blunder they didn’t find an choice to their problem. If they left a house, maybe their primogenitor abused them.

Mental health is not treated a same approach as earthy health. Kids who have a earthy damage get special diagnosis such as sitting out or sanatorium checkups. When someone has basin and anxiety, people demeanour during them like they have a debility or a liability.

Mental health has such a outrageous change on earthy health. If a child is vexed and would rather not get out of bed than humour in school, he or she is expected to not do good in classes — generally gym. If a child is happy and ease they will chuck a football or make tons of baskets as many as they like. Those who act kind get walked over some-more than those who are cold and meant since people see them as easy targets. Kids who get walked over spin into bullies or rise basin since of how many times they have been hurt.

In conclusion, earthy health is important, generally in these days when we are obese, though mental health deserves only as many attention.

No child should feel like they can’t tell someone how they feel but being told, “There are people who have it many worse. Be happy.” No child should be told to only travel it off and they’ll be fine. Take caring of everybody equally and it will all be fair.

• Isabella Maule is 14 years old.

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