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May 14, 2016Updated May 14, 2016 during 3:57 PM EDT

VESTAL (WBNG) Hundreds of people from around a area took advantage of removing a giveaway dental checkup on Saturday.

Lalor Family Dental in Vestal hold their 8th annual Free Dental Care Day.

Throughout a day, anyone who wanted to get a cleaning or stuffing finished was means to get one for giveaway interjection to doctors and dentists from Lalor Family Dental.

They all volunteered their time to assistance out a community.

“Everyone who has walked by here has a need,” Dr. Robert Lalor, said. “Apparently it is unmet in a community. What we have seen in a past, that is taken caring of some-more now is a children, there doesn’t seem to be that many children entrance through, that is good. It means that they are being seen other places, though a lot of adults, there is not a lot of opportunities for them, so this is a good one for them.”

Each year, Lalor Family Dental has a idea to see during slightest 200 patients come through. Last year, they perceived only underneath their goal.

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