Faith healing for heart disease?

VIRGINIA – In a development that will shock many in the medical profession, a church in Suffolk, Virginia, has started advertising healing for all forms of heart disease – by faith.

sxc.huDr. Princella Johnson, of the Master’s House COGIC (TMHC) is bringing in ‘international healing ministers’ William and Lucille Lau between the 22nd and 24th February for an ‘Evangelistic Healing and Miracles Crusade’.

Those suffering from heart disease are ‘challenged’ to come and ‘be healed’ by these persons who have already held similar events in Asia, Africa, Europe, and other parts of North and South America.

Why can they confidently promise that which the best in the medical profession cannot? According to Dr. Johnson, “God is not dead, and the church is still relevant today because Jesus’ power still saves souls, heals the sick and delivers us from sin and Hell!”

Heartzine asks whether this is morally responsible, and should it be legal? Have your say – write to the editor via our contact feature, and we will publish a representative selection of your letters.

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